What's New in July: RCS, Voice, and Contacts Updates

**Contacts** 📞 * We've updated the contact display to show names in the format "Lastname, Firstname". This should make it easier to quickly identify your contacts if you prefer to sort by lastname. **Developer Dashboard** 🤖 * We've added a new feature to the debugger that allows you to search for mails by the ID of the SMS/RCS. This should make it easier to troubleshoot SMS-related issues. * We've also fixed some pagination issues in the debugger, so you should now be able to navigate through your data more easily. **RCS** 📱 * We've added a new feature that allows you to use RCS SMS fallback. This means that if a recipients handset or the destination network doesn't support RCS, we automatically send a SMS with the content of the RCS of with a link to a webview. **Voice** 📞 * We've added a new API endpoint that allows you to cancel a call. You can find more information about this endpoint in our documentation: https://docs.seven.io/en/rest-api/endpoints/voice#hangup-a-call * We've also added two new features to show who hung up and display SIP hangup status (e.g. unallocated_number). This should provide more visibility into the status of your calls. **Other minor Updates** 🔄 * Fixed an issue with 2FA login, so you should now be able to log in securely without any issues. * Resolved an issue where some IT mobile numbers were incorrectly detected as fixed_line numbers. This should improve the accuracy of your number detection. * Fixed some issues on reseller sites, so you should now be able to use our platform without any hiccups. * Merged the two pages *replies* and *inbound messages*, and added pagination and many UI improvements to the inbox. This should make it easier to manage your messages and stay on top of your communication.