New in the Mail API: RCS Support ✉️

Today, we're excited to announce the integration of RCS (Rich Communication Services) into [our Mail API](! Starting now, you can send not only simple text messages but also complex RCS messages through our platform. With this new Mail-to-RCS feature, developers can send not just basic messages but also rich multimedia content like images, videos, location information, and more via RCS. ### What you need to know * **RCS Support:** The Mail API now supports sending RCS messages to provide a more interactive and engaging messaging experience. * **Simple and Complex Messages:** The integration enables the sending of both simple and complex RCS messages via the API. Whether you want to send just text or multimedia content, the Mail API is now equipped for it. * **JSON Code for Complex Messages:** For complex RCS messages, send the [JSON code of the RCS object]( as text. This allows developers to leverage all the features of RCS to create the perfect message. * **Sender name:** When sending RCS, the sender ID will always be the unique name of your agent. Use the Mail to RCS function to create and send customized and interactive messages that your recipients will love. We're excited to see what you'll create! If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure to let us know.