Contacts & Groups API ✨ 📇

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our new [Contacts API]( and [Groups API]( This API extends our platform with key functionalities for the efficient management of contacts and groups. This innovation marks a crucial step in our transformation into a comprehensive CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) by enabling seamless synchronization with other applications and significantly simplifying the management of contacts and groups. Here's an overview of the new features now available: ## New Features ### Contacts API - **Create Contacts**: Easily add new contacts to your system with all necessary details. - **Retrieve Contacts**: Access your contacts list and retrieve specific contact information. - **Update Contacts**: Update the information of existing contacts to ensure their data is current. - **Delete Contacts**: Remove contacts from your system when they are no longer needed. - **Add Contacts to Groups**: Assign contacts to specific groups to better organize and manage your contacts. - **Remove Contacts from Groups**: Remove contacts from groups when the assignment needs to change. ### Groups API - **Create Groups**: Create groups to segment your contacts based on criteria, interests, or other factors. - **Retrieve Groups**: Retrieve details of your created groups and see which contacts they contain. - **Update Groups**: Change the details or memberships of your groups to keep them up to date. - **Delete Groups**: Remove groups that are no longer needed from your system. These new API features have been developed to give you more comprehensive control and flexibility in managing contacts and groups. Whether it's personalizing your marketing campaigns, simplifying communication, or just managing your contact lists more efficiently – our new API provides the tools you need. We're excited to see your feedback and how you integrate the new features of the Contacts & Groups API into your projects. As always, our support team is here to answer your questions and assist you in using our API. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in our platform.