Exciting changes to contacts

## Prepare to Be Amazed - Contacts Transformation 1. **Unleash the Power of Full Search**: - Say goodbye to the hunt for information! Our enhanced search now digs deep into every nook and cranny of your contacts, ensuring you find what you need, when you need it. 2. **Craft Your Contacts View, Your Way**: - Personalization just reached new heights! Customize and individually arrange rows in the contacts view to match your unique workflow, putting you in control of your interface. 3. **Notes, Because Details Matter**: - Don't let valuable insights slip through the cracks. Now, you can add notes to each contact, turning your database into a treasure trove of vital information. 4. **Group Insights in a Glimpse**: - Group management just got a facelift! Easily identify the groups to which a contact belongs, simplifying your ability to organize and segment your contacts. 5. **Custom Fields, Now with Data Type Superpowers**: - Your data, your rules! Define data types for custom fields, including Integer, Decimal, String, Date, Checkbox, Selection, Multi-Selection, email, and phone number, making your data structure as robust as you need it to be. 6. **The Ultimate Cleanup**: - Need a fresh start? We've got you covered. Now, you can wipe the slate clean and delete all your contacts in one fell swoop. 7. **SMS Magic: Reach All Contacts at Once**: - Streamline your communication like never before! With our new bulk SMS feature, you can send messages to all your contacts simultaneously, saving you time and effort. We're thrilled to bring you these groundbreaking improvements to our Contacts Module. More amazing improvements are following. Buckle up