SSML is now featured!

We proudly introduce the usage of SSML for our Voice API! From now you have all the options for adapting your text messages to speech. Set pauses, read numbers correctly or their individual digits, reduce speeds for codes and even select different voices such as female, male, or even child! Let us get the maximum out of your >seven voice experience! Let's take a look at some examples. # 967354 is not a high number - it’s an access code! # Let Brandon speak it like that and read numbers slowly for better understanding: ``` Your access code is: 967354 ``` Listen to the result here: # Do you publish children's books? How about a suitable child's voice reading your message? # With SSML you have the possibility to select different kinds of Voices, like Women, Men, Children and even specialized for different languages, like English dialects, French, Arabic, Asian, Croatian or even Russian. You just send the voice with language tag and we build the SSML automatically to end up like this. So you can take care of yourself and we will generate the SSML requirements around it. The content part coming from you is then only beginning with the paragraph with your sentences. ```

Hello, this is the audio book of the little girl with the red balloon! I have them read to me every night to fall asleep.

``` Listen to the result here: # Wanna let them talk? # With >seven voice you can also vary the voices inside your text. This way can realize dialogs between a women and man, or with us - even a child. Let’s take a look at the following example: ``` Hi, where did you buy these sunglasses? I think my mum would love them. Hello, i just bought them in the shop over there. ``` Listen to the result here: [feedback: 83246]